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I am called Israel Bionyi Nyoh, “Chef” is my maiden name I earned in Madagascar during the explore Youth Volunteer programme. I took part in the programme between the 31st of April and 30th June, 2014. I am now pursuing to finish my Masters degree in Communication mean while very actively involved in product content management at the University of Douala. I am also enthusiastically occupied in writing articles for my blog (The Wink writes )and freelancing for the standard Tribune News Paper (Cameroonian Weekly news paper) and Tunza Eco-generation (UNEPs Youth Network)  respectively.

Why did I chose to Join WWF Explore Programme?

Before applying for Explore programme, I had founded an environmental blog called; The Wink Writes. I used this blog to struggle against poaching and unearthed important conservation stories about forest and poaching in my country Cameroon and other countries in the Congo Basin whose rich biodiversity and forest is gradually degrading.

2014 First Placement team with Bekeloka Women after a Focus Group meeting
I told myself, to actually know what conservation is all about, to be able to evangelize well about our planet, why not work for conservation to discover: what it is that matter to conservation scientists? What is it that the scientists do to keep our earth safe? What is it that matter in the conservation discourse? Then, after close to two months of deep reflections and searching, I then decided, I will work for WWF in order to study all I needed to know, then in turn spread my know how to Cameroon, Africa and why not the rest of the world. Explore volunteer programme was the best opening to study and work at the same time.

But, that was not my strong hold or the veritable motivation for my decision. In 2013, when 300 elephants were massacred at the Bouba NdjIda National Park in the North Region of Cameroon, by Janjaweed Gun men from Sudan, WWF handled the matter with such maturity and their lobby actions with the government enabled 600 Cameroonian Rapid Intervention Battalions (BIR)  to be stationed there to guard the area. It is from that moment that my thoughts and force to work for WWF was exploded. I become more and more determined to work for WWF via explore programme.

You learn, explore and enjoy!

Soa Aina, Colleague from Antananarivo

Like Aina Soa, believes “living an eco-responsible life, in a rich biodiversity is something I respected very much, there is certainly more than enough to learn”.

You learn so many things in the group or with your team: cultures, good ways, language, stories, lifestyle, and professionalism. “To take note of the details in every little work we do”. Navi thought me that. Live with passion altering all challenges in to fun bringing smile at even the worst moments: Greegg and Enathe.
Navi Smith-Canada, Gregg Smith-UK and Enathe Hasabwe-Rwanda in an adventure to Besambay

Samson, Auguste, Mark, Birisoa, Zafi, AdorĂ©… the list is long are the villagers from whom I particularly learned great fishing techniques, secrets of leading a successful life and selflessness. What I so much admired about these people is their time and energy they confined for conservation. Although we came from far far away, they welcomed us with a blossom of hospitality and generosity.
Auguste-Beheloka, Marlies Volckaert-Belgium and Soa Aina-Antananarivo, piloting a pirogue and filming nature.
Just like Milton Munang, I will say “WWF youth volunteer programme is a life time experience and a great opportunity for youths with great passion for conservation and the environment to develop personal multi dimensional skills necessary for community development. The program offers a multicultural and multinational atmosphere, high standards of job practice, which completely change the vision and mentality of every attendee.”
Gregg, chating with Children of Beheloka, after helping to clean their public toilet with them.
I will encourage youths from Cameroon and every parts of the world to attain this programme. It nurture, matures and ready you to live a great life in harmony with our planet earth.

“Use your talents and you are well paid”
Special Veloma from Malalatina

There is always something special to take home from Madagascar, be it from the WWF staffs or from the villages where you do your volunteer work.

We were the second volunteers she was receiving at her home.  She made us special “jaranga” meat, wonderful meals with a lot of fruit juice. Her husband and her three boys received us on the 29th of June 2014 with a lot of humour. “It is small, our home is like an office come in” that is how we were welcomed that very special night.
Malalatina, always energetic  at the Tsimanampetsotse Lake

 “Use your talents and you are well paid… plant, redistribute where you always take” her husband advised us to be reciprocal and useful in all what we do in life, but we must be able to sell everywhere we go, because life is all about selling.

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