Wednesday, 15 April 2015


 France Offers 295 Million FCFA (450 000 EUR) to COMIFAC Countries

Hervé, Christine and Raymonds sign and exchange the 295 million FCFA funding deal at COMIFAC Headquarters
Yaoundé- On Friday 10thApril, 2015, a funding agreement was signed, between the French Development Agency (AFD), represented the country director, Mr. Hervé Conan, the French Embassy to Cameroon, represented by Ambassador, Madame Christine ROBICHON and the Central African Forests Commission (COMIFAC) represented by the Executive Secretary, Mr. Raymond Mbitikon at the COMIFAC headquarters here in Yaoundé.

Signed to strengthen the capacity of the COMIFAC countries in the domain of REDD +,  the convention is said to help COMIFAC to prepare a common proposition to defend during their participation at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference on Climate Change (COP 21), to be held from 30th November to 11th December in Paris.

To Christine, “the 295 million FCFA  (450 000 EUR) funding will help Congo Basin countries to bring up a proposition at Paris which will explain the role their forests play in regulating  global climate change, particularly via the Reduced Emissions mechanism linked to Deforestation and Degradation (REDD +)”.
The COMIFAC boss affirms, they will do their best for Central Africa’s voice to be heard and concerns addressed in Paris latter this year. He said “the participation of COMIFAC member countries will lead to the conclusion of negotiations on a new global climate deal, and to the taking of important decisions on REDD + for most countries in Central Africa, a way not only to limit emissions, but equally to fight against global warming, likewise push for sustainable development in the sub region.”

Since the beginning of 2015, France has heightened their support for the protection of Biodiversity and Wild Life in Cameroon and the Central African region. They have a page consecrated to COP21 on the website of the French Embassy to Cameroon, where they produce quality information and Op eds about climate change in the region.

For the month of April, the France, via the French Embassy in Cameroon launched:

- The Valorization Of Non-Wood Forest Products As A Tool For Local Development- project
- The Water & Women Photo Competition-winners rewarded &
- Climate, Agriculture and Forest Challenge- Winners in Cameroon announced

All three projects have directly and indirectly impacted on the lives of more than 300 individuals.

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