About me

Israel is a Media social entrepreneur who recently created a new online enterprise in charge of promoting online sales of news paper in Cameroon known as “Press share”. It is a non profitable organization aimed at preparing the Cameroonian media landscape for the digital future. After completing his Masters in Communication at the University of Douala, in 2014, Israel actively became involved into building a social network for his fellow press men.
Israel is also known for his environmental blogging and activism and have this year reputedly powered the UNFCCC’s COP 20 Adopt A Negotiator Project as a Climate change Tracker. As a freelance journalist, he founded the blog “The Wink Writes” and has a particular interest in climate change, forest and wildlife conservation in the Central African region. 
He is a Tunza Ambassador to Cameroon and has equally been contributing in to FAIRPLANET and assists in writing, editing and developing newsletters for the Society for Conservation Biology, Washington DC, USA. Through his experience in different areas of communications he has also worked with local communities in the field. Israel volunteered for World Wide Fund for Nature between March and July 2014. During this period, he published several articles on WWF explore blog.

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