Tuesday, 24 June 2014


About 160 people from Beheloke Haut and Bas joined us “raise our voices” for the Environment.

                        Women Raising Their Voices For Nature

"People in Societies and Ecosystems are vulnerable around the world, but with different levels of vulnerability in different places". This which interacts with other stresses and increases the risk to climate change. It is for this reason that a day was set aside for the environment, internationally recognized. 5 June 2014 was a day of red roses in Beheloke, situated at 256 Kilometers from Toliara in the south region of Madagascar, a place where I have been volunteering for WWF over the past 2 and half months. An estimate of 160 people came together enthusiastically to celebrate our beautiful planet earth. The Mayor of Beheloke Mr. Fabien, in his speech at the opening of the ceremony thanked WWF and the Volunteers for their technical and physical works done at Beheloke. He urged the people of Beheloke to take of both the Marine and Terrestrial environments.

Dancing, singing, pirogue (dugout canoe), cooking, arts and radio crochet were among the big competitions of the day. Children were opportune to learn new things about their environment and, more than 50 of them had their time to play with WWF volunteers at Beheloke.

Schools also recognized this day. Besides offering us benches like EPP (Ecole Primaire Public) and Ecole catholic , CEG (Collége d'enseignement Générale) marched to the event ground with students in order to enable them learn something from the day for some minutes and return to their classes.

Coming to the event ground your eyes immediately fall on the theme of this year's celebration behind the stage, which reads "Elevez vos voix, pas le niveau de la mer" and the Malagasy version well translated and interpreted came before the French version. Lilia  the Marine program Assistant for WWF Toliara, helped us to understand what it actually meant in Malagasy.

Earlier this year the UNEP, ICCP 3rd report revealed that our beautiful planet risks 2% degradation to climate Change if, we don't fastly change our consumption and carbon emission habits. Beheloke has already suffered from climate change. FOA reports say the precipitation of this zone has dropped by 40% between 1980 and 2000. Luckily for people who do not really understand what protecting nature was all about, Gaetan Tovondrainy, Project Officer for Marine project, WWF Toliara was the MC of the day, so he did good to inform them that through the protection of the Ranolaly reefs reserve and the sea just like the immediate environment, they could assure a better future for their children.

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