Monday, 7 April 2014

WWF 2014 Volunteer Youth Leaders In Madagascar And UNEP Believe People Can Better Preserve Their Environment Despite Challenging Climate Change.

The 4th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), UNEP, World and Meteorological Organization (WMO) report comes at a time when WWF 2014 Volunteers  in Madagascar are working to preserve marine and terrestrial biodiversities and improve on the lives of Beheloke Locals.

Rich Vegetation of Madagascar

Madagascar- WWF selected a dynamic team of highly talented young environmental leaders to work in the Mahafaly Landscape project. The youth leaders 6 in number between 19-24 of age are great environmental advocators from six different countries of the world: England, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Madagascar and Rwanda. They all believe, the world can be a greater place if man could come to live with his beautiful environment without destroying it.
Responding to the IPCC’s report Soaelina Aina the only Malagasy member of the team said “climate change is a big issue in the world. In one hand it is a normal cyclic phenomenon that we can't avoid but in other hand it is going worse because of human pressure”.
 “NGO's or national activities aiming to preserve environment; may not work if people are not convinced about its importance, all I plan to do is to sensitize people more about this great venture” Aina added.

The BBC this past week was quite very optimistic about climate last week after experiencing a difficult week with heavy dust in the air coming from the Sahara desert. Gregg Smith the English WWF Volunteer, responding to this news said; “The recent Sahara dust problem in the UK has brought the European air pollution back into light. What I do not appreciate is BBC's optimism as the seemingly short-term problem corrects itself. Once the immediately obvious high levels of pollution settle, it will be forgotten about and the issue of air pollution put back on the shelf despite equally high levels occurring five times a year in the UK. It is an issue that needs constant coverage and attention, especially in London.

Peter Long Expert Biodiversity Researcher for Oxford England believes Water and sanitation, Energy, Agriculture, Learning and skill building, Technology, and Health are needed to create real impact and sustainable local, regional, and international development in the lives of persons but people must change their consumer behaviors to make life resources more sustainable and amicable. Peter revealed in a Conversation with Nyoh Israel Tunza Ambassador for Cameroon and WWF volunteer that, Africa has a lot of potentials and should work with other nations to reduce climate change. He believes “reducing poverty, while preserving the rich biodiversity of Africa and Asia is Important for climate change”

 Marlies Volckaert, Forest Management fresher and WWF Volunteer from Belgium is in complete support of Peter’s view believes “taking effective action for change will demand a great effort doing many things at a time and with the commitment of all different parties”.

Perfect Ingredient To Effect Fast Change In Preserving Environment And Stop Climate Change.

The 6 highly motivated and fun loving the WWF volunteers are more than determined to positively change the life styles of the people of Beheloke where they are going to work  and why not other regions of the world. Team loving Enathe Hasabwamatiya young Conservationist, WWF Volunteer from Rwanda is super motivated. 

 Navarana Smith, Canadian Undergraduate student in Biology & Environmental Studies WWF Volunteer believes “there is, no one silver bullet, to a successful project. It depends on certain ways of our own personal behaviors, which will  have the most potential for success, both during our project, and longterm for WWF in the area."


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