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Milton Munang Talks about WWF Youth Volunteer Programme.

Milton Munang is the first Cameroonian to participate in the WWF Youth Volunteer Programme. He became part of this great mission in 2011 after his university studies at the University of Buea. During an Interview last Monday with the Wink Writes Media, Milton revealed two Cameroonians have attended this programme since he opened the way in 2011.

Milton Munang in Madagascar

To him, The WWF youth volunteer programmme is a life time experience and a great opportunity for youths with great passion for conservation and the environment to develop personal multi dimensional skills necessary for community development. He stressed the program offers a multicultural and multinational atmosphere, high standards of job practice, which completely change the vision and mentality of every attendee.

With a set 6 well selected participants coming from different ends of the world, Milton says,   his experience on like others was one of a kind. “Although this programme does not link you directly to a job, the people you meet, the opportunities you get at hand make you unstoppable and indispensable in your career and field of practice. Let me confess to you three weeks after my program, I had several job openings waiting for me to fit in.”

To add more to that Milton said “ I believe WWF volunteer experience gave me more than just  a skill and believe one day I will have a chance to work with them to give in back what I learned, the Malgash people and my team mates made my experience memorable  fresh in mind.

Photo of Milton Munang's 2011 WWF Youth Volunteer Expereince

When Milton learned the Founder and CEO of The Wink Writes; Israel Bionyi Nyoh was going to take part in this year’s programme, he introduced strong words to him: “be yourself, dynamic and hardworking and you shall find yourself and the project excelling excellently”

Martina Lippuner
Martina Lippuner WWF Media Officer Switzerland
His words were strong, even more heartfelt and touching was that of Martina Lippuner‘s experience – Media Officer, WWF-Switzerland (formerly Communications Manager at WWF-Madagascar). Written in a very subtle way, the story is said to have brought to light the stories of thousands of Journalists who work in conservation and environment, Activists, explorers and so important the stories of the local people who always have their cultures and traditions to let go in favor of environmental sustainability.

2014 Participants of WWF Youth Volunteer Programme Madagascar

The founder of the Wink writes will be working on the WWF Madagascar project of "Improved Livelihoods through Solar-powered Desalinization of ground water in the villages along the Coast of southwestern Madagascar & Paysage Mahafaly" (projet marin) at Beheloke, Toliara, with 5 other young, dynamic and fun loving people:

  1.        Ms Soaelina Aina, Madagascar
  2.        Ms Enathe Hasabwamariya, Rwanda
  3.        Mr Israel Bionyi Nyoh, Cameroon
  4.   Mr Gregg Smith, UK
  5.   Ms Navarana Smith, Canada
  6.   Ms Marlies Volckaert, Belgium

They will be supervised by Moia Hartop Soutter which Ivo Tapang Tanku WWF Communication Volunteer for Central African Region describes as an excellent programme Manager who have a lot of passion and humours all the volunteers under her programme with  great care and love.

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