Wednesday, 18 December 2013

London, December 10 Th, 2013 – is working to advance the network system’s sustainability stewardship with the announcement today of new, bold global business environment goals and an expanded global partnership.
These ambitious goals, which complement well-being and business community commitments, focus on sustainable business exchange management and sales to use as well as sustainable sourcing for professional meetings and mutation.
Under the scheme of making new and expanded partnerships, our network is developing a new 2 years business sustainability plan to partner with over 300 companies all over the globe in more than 20 African Countries and 70 from other continents. These goals include:
1Improve business efficiency by 75%. will improve its efficiency per service produced through operational advancements throughout the system. This target complements the 71.4 percent improvement in use efficiency achieved last year.
2Help ensure Human resource evolution, Business resilience. will expand her effort to ensure that her partners and customers should enjoy a high range of highly qualified professionals who have the ability to deliver and take the company to the next level. will make sure there is a high correlation between inbound African businesses and the Diaspora. Afrodealing will enable those expertises in the Diaspora who look to contribute their energy in Africa, find good places to work and company their experts.
3. Change the phase of Networking in Africa.  Through her interactive schemes, Afrodealing have a special networking plan for all Africans. A plan to carry people to the next level in business. Over the last few months, it has started with posting and sharing of vital information to Africans on the afrodealingtoday blog. Her fans are found in more than 150 Countries all over the world with India and France hosting the highest number of them.
4. Responsibly promoting corporate networking.   Many corporate websites have been promoting their activities on They announce their events, sell tickets and even get clients on Companies like ECEXA waste cleansing and recycling giants in Austria and Palm Camayenne; five stars Palace at Conakry proudly just to name a few enjoy the magic of Afrodealing network.
5Sustainably sourcing Key ingredients for quick growth.  Afrodealing will work to sustainably to source key ingredients for growth, including price flexibility, product modernization and why not business proposals. entails to have business outlets all over Africa in the next 3 years.

 Summary, we are deeply committed to working with partners to address our collective business challenges and responsibly manage our resources to yield quick outcomes,” said A Board Member and Manager of, he continued “As we face economic-stressed world with growing global demands on networking and fast business exchange, we must seek solutions that drive mutual benefit for business, communities and families.”

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